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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

All that glitters is not gold

All that glitters is not gold - that’s very true.

Look at this range of chrome patch panels and outlets. Glittering as bright as a star on a clear night, but definitely not gold, and as you would expect from Excel, not going to cost you the same as gold either!

If you’re looking for that little bit of razzmatazz in your next installation, but you don't want to pay through the nose, get your shades on (I mean skates on) and get yourself some chrome patch panels, outlets and cable management bars from Excel.

They’re not just good looking either. With angled and 0.5U panel versions in the range, these items are packed with loads of product features that can save on valuable U space within your racks.

Bling By Excel

(I might put one of those 100-023 panels on my fireplace, you know)

Author Bio

Neil Staley

Product Marketing Executive


Neil Staley originally joined Mayflex in 1991 working in the sales team. Over the years he has worked in different sales roles both internally and externally and helped set up the highly successful Projects department.

Neil then ran the internal sales team for a number of years and since 2013 has worked within the Marketing department, focusing on product marketing activities across the three core divisions of the business.

Neil holds the CNIT qualification.

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