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Erm! I Need A…. One Of These!

We've all had those installations, in fact, we have them all the time. Installations where you are looking for a housing that is functional, compact, discreet and easy to use. One of those scenarios that really causes problems is when you need all of these and you are installing at a high level, as the door on the units can be loose, heavy and even just a separate lid. In these situations, the lid can make a one-man job into a two-man installation. One to do the work and the other to hold the lid!

Well the Verticab from Excel ticks all the boxes… it's: Small, Discreet, Versatile and the lid is secured onto the unit with gas springs, making it safe and smooth to operate and at an overall depth of 140mm, when creating solutions where network switches, patch panels and devices are being installed at a high level in the ceiling void or above a false ceiling, this product is perfect. But don't pigeon hole the unit just for those installations. Anywhere where you need a slim and compact box, think; I need one of these, I need an Excel Verticab.

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Author Bio

Neil Staley

Product Marketing Executive


Neil Staley originally joined Mayflex in 1991 working in the sales team. Over the years he has worked in different sales roles both internally and externally and helped set up the highly successful Projects department.

Neil then ran the internal sales team for a number of years and since 2013 has worked within the Marketing department, focusing on product marketing activities across the three core divisions of the business.

Neil holds the CNIT qualification.

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