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Fibre To The Wherever


In the IT world of thousands of acronyms, I thought I would add another! FTTW.

I have come up with this after looking into the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) box from Excel. I want to highlight that although it’s called a Fibre To The Home unit (FTTH) it can be used anywhere, hence my new acronym: Fibre to the ... Wherever (FTTW!).

So, whether you need to present fibre in a hotel room or in a petrol station, the 200-449 FTTH box from Excel can do the job.

If you need to deliver fibre to a classroom or the bottom of a street pole for cameras, the 200-449 FTTH box from Excel can still do the job.

If your deploying a satellite over a fibre system for a multi-residential application, you guessed it, the 200-449 from Excel fits the bill.

Do you need to deploy FTTW? Then you need a 200-449 FTTH box from Excel.

Author Bio

Neil Staley

Product Marketing Executive


Neil Staley originally joined Mayflex in 1991 working in the sales team. Over the years he has worked in different sales roles both internally and externally and helped set up the highly successful Projects department.

Neil then ran the internal sales team for a number of years and since 2013 has worked within the Marketing department, focusing on product marketing activities across the three core divisions of the business.

Neil holds the CNIT qualification.

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