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I Only Want The Rack Moved Next Door!

“I only want the rack moved next door! Not to Alaska!” How many times have you had that amazed expression when you tell your client that the job will cost £XXX and take a week to complete, even though the job is only to move the rack into the next room? You then explain that the links all come from one direction where the destination is further away from the main comms room than where the rack is currently situated. Those cables need extending or new ones running.

But now, for those emergency jobs or quick fixes when cables need to be re-joined or extended, we now have a lovely little self-contained IDC through coupler junction box. The unit is built with screw fixing positions as well so they can be secured and kept tidy against a wall, floor or concrete slab.

A nice touch is the one-handed operation for removing the lid. Simply pinch the sides of the case and the lid pops off. Always handy! Get it? Handy - when you are up steps and need one hand to secure yourself.

The 100-110 from Excel - For conscious coupling.

Author Bio

Neil Staley

Product Marketing Executive


Neil Staley originally joined Mayflex in 1991 working in the sales team. Over the years he has worked in different sales roles both internally and externally and helped set up the highly successful Projects department.

Neil then ran the internal sales team for a number of years and since 2013 has worked within the Marketing department, focusing on product marketing activities across the three core divisions of the business.

Neil holds the CNIT qualification.

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