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Excel’s PON Solution In A Residential Application

PON Solution Video
Tuesday 21st January 2020 08:15 am

Excel Networking Solutions – the copper and optical fibre cabling infrastructure provider – offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality, high-performance Passive Optical LAN Solutions suitable for residential (FTTx) and enterprise (POL) environments.

Neil Payne, Excel Product Manager, commented, “Over the past twelve months, we have continued to develop our product portfolio to incorporate innovative solutions to efficiently deliver Fibre-To-The-Premise through Passive Optical Networks complemented by our existing range of copper, fibre and racking solutions.”

Excel have recently published a video that demonstrates the Excel PON product portfolio being installed into a typical Single Dwelling Unit (SDU) application, highlighting how the products work with the existing Excel portfolio to create a complete end-to-end solution.

Taking a typical residential application in an SDU, the Excel Enbeam Fibre Dome Enclosure houses an Open-Ended PLC Splitter, which can be used to distribute fibre services to multiple SDUs. When the fibre meets the exterior wall of the property, it can be spliced in an Excel Enbeam Exterior Splice Enclosure, which are IP54-rated and can be relied upon to securely house the fibre, keeping it clean and protected from harsh environments, acting as a consolidation point where the external fibre meets the internal fibre.  The fibre cabling can then be routed into an Excel Environ Enclosure within the property.

Neil continued, “We stock four sizes of Environ Enclosures that have been specifically designed with confined spaces in mind. In a typical SDU, the amount of space available for a racking solution is limited, so the small sizes of the Environ enclosures make them an ideal choice. Similarly, in student accommodation or hospitality environments, these enclosures are a sought-after space- and cost-saving solution. They can fit into the smallest of riser or utility spaces, minimising the need for Secondary Equipment Rooms (SERs) and allowing for a more cost-effective use of space, helping to create considerable CapEx savings for end users.”

In addition to providing cost- and space-saving benefits, the Excel PON Solution offers users a host of additional advantages, including increased energy efficiency due to the reduced cooling and power requirements in the mid-span of the network, as well as easier network management and increased system security.  With fewer physical components than a traditional LAN topology providing higher bandwidth over long distances, the result is an efficient network that can benefit any application.

Neil concluded, “As with the existing portfolio of Excel products, our Passive Optical Network Solution is covered by the Excel 25-Year Warranty when installed by an accredited Excel Partner, providing customers and end users with further peace of mind.”

For further information about the Excel PON Solution, please visit their website, read the brochure online or watch the video.  For information on pricing and availability, please contact our sales teams on 0121 326 7557 or email

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